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As a golf coach, it is my objective to help facilitate a learning environment where you gain as much knowledge of your own golf and a clear pathway on how to develop your swing, whilst tapping into my expertise and resources with the common end goal - improving your performance on the course.

My coaching beliefs:

My aim is to develop the players' strengths and improve on their weaknesses through clear, concise feedback which will lead to a greater understanding of their OWN game. Each coaching package will be tailored to the individual's needs and requirements. I have been working with golfers of ALL abilities now for some years and very much enjoy helping people with their game – not everyone who comes to see me are established players; some are complete beginners and some are mid-high handicapper and others are low handicap golfers looking to make improvements on their game. Everyone is different and everyone has their own, unique style and swing so whether or not you’re looking to work with me over a period of time or you need a swing-check, I’ll look forward to meeting you and helping you make the necessary improvements on your golf.


My coaching will be conducted from the excellent practice facility we have here at Whitecraigs Golf Club - the facilities are great; we have a short game area for practice on greenside chipping/bunker play; putting green and for those of you who like on course tuition, we have complete access to the golf course as well as the excellent Par 3 course.


The outfield of the practice range gives us a great platform to see ball flight and to analyse yardages with the support of leading radar Trackman V4. The unit is portable and can be placed anywhere we are working.

Trackman V4 will track the full trajectory of any shot, from 6 foot pitches to 400 yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100 yards. It also displays the shot’s 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time (data is delivered within 1 second).

With Trackman V4, you will discover the importance and advantage of receiving instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing.

For more information about using Trackman as part of your coaching, speak to David or any member of the Pro Shop team.

Alternatively, you can contact us here