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Testimonial - Having spent some time with David over the last 6 months, including a number of club fittings and his winter coaching programme, I’ve found his help and advice fantastic! His practical guidance, backed up by Trackman numbers showing tangible improvements, has been simple and easy to apply to my game and I can already see the changes working really well on the golf course! - Kenny Munro - Feb '19

Why Custom Fitting ?

We use Trackman 4 to accurately measure and fit for EVERY club - no matter what club you're in the market for, being custom fit is essential in golf! Wedges, Putters, Irons, Drivers, Woods or Hybrids - we can measure and fit for all of these to ensure you get the right clubs! Don’t make the expensive mistake of buying whatever is on special deal – it won’t be right!

There is a strange concept among many golfers in that they think they aren't 'good enough' to be custom fit so they buy 'off the rack'. Bad decision. 

The fact is that EVERY golfer, no matter what ability, should be fit for ANY club before purchase. Another fact is that many players who hit their shots off-line, haven't been custom-fit .... food for thought!

We consider many different factors when conducting a custom fit - length, weight, lie angle, shaft type, grip - they need to match our bodies so that we DO hit the correct shots and we are confident that our equipment is the RIGHT equipment! The body will compensate for the club - for example, if a shaft is too stiff then the player will hang back on right side to get more airborne! If the length and lie angles are not right then what suffers .... posture!

As Bob Van Sweden, Taylormade's 2009 national clubfitter of the year says - "The higher the handicap, the more necessary it is for that player to get fit"

At David Orr Golf, we custom fit for the following suppliers -

  • Taylormade
  • Ping

I will give you the BEST advice on what works for YOUR GAME!!!
Trackman measures all the different factors of your swing – club path, clubhead speed, height (trajectory), attack angle, face angle and much more!