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​Here at The Whitecraigs Golf Club, there is a broad range of golf available to all junior players - from our Wee Wonders Membership for those age 5-11 years, our Junior Membership where you receive 6 complimentary coaching sessions with myself; my very own Junior Golf Development Academy which started last September, for those who are just about ready to play golf out on the course and for more advanced players and last but not least, our very own JUNIOR WEEK.

Like many others, I have so many fond memories of my times playing in Junior Week at my home club where there would be in excess of 50 kids all playing during that one week!  Whilst we have a good turnout of juniors, it's different from the past in terms of numbers BUT it's just as much fun as it always was!  Nowadays, we've opened this week up to non-members which is fantastic!!  My boys have friends at school who I know they'd like to invite along and I'm sure other kids do too so now is your chance as our 2019 Junior Week is very much open for registration! 

JUNIOR WEEK is primarily aimed at junior golfers from age 11 to 18 years - kids who can play golf, who are developing and learning and those who have handicaps and are looking to make improvements.  This week is a great platform to really get the bug for golf and meet new friends over the course of the Monday to the Friday  Fun competitions (the favourite always being Shark Shoot-Out), various challenges, matches and we finish off on the Friday with a Tri-Am over 10 holes - it's  a great week!

The Price for Members is £10 for the Week and £20 for non-members!  Yes, that's right FOR THE WHOLE WEEK!!!!!

If you're keen to come along, please contact us at the Professional Shop on 0141.639.2140 or me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can send through an application form!! If you are maybe unsure and want to pop in for a chat about it, please do!!!

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Junior Golf Development Academy

That's the first block of our Junior Golf Development Academy come to an end .... a great block albeit the weather meant some sessions took place indoors.  What I will say is how impressed I am with all the kids who attended and a special welcome to our new players who joined us!!  Great attitude, determination, listening and their development in the game is fairly coming on!  We also missed a couple of our regular players due to injuries so GET WELL SOON and when you're better, come back and start playing again!

Our Beginners and Developing Class - we've had fun during our sessions whilst focussing in on the core fundamentals of golf - specifically how we hold our arms at address, our feet position, our head and why it should be still as the club moves back - not to mention our follow through!  All the kids have really come on and I'll look forward to seeing them again after Easter at our TUESDAY evening class.

For our intermediate and advanced players, we have focussed on our posture and why it's so important; hip position and the rotation we get in the back swing.  Lots of work on chipping at the greenside - again, our arm position and the acceleration motion we get through impact and follow through!

We have organised a Spring/Summer Eclectic tournament which kicks off at the end of April - watch the space for more details! I'll reiterate to all the players it's a FUN event and the objective is to play against yourself!! 

We have a great junior section at Whitecraigs - it's a fantastic environment for kids to be part of. If you're thinking of becoming a Junior member here, now's the time! With the season about to kick off, all our junior members will receive COMPLIMENTARY COACHING from myself throughout the year.  Membership enquiries should be diverted to our Secretary's office via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As the Easter holidays are nearly upon us, if you're about over the holidays and can manage a few holes, I'd encourage you to get out playing!!

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Are you wondering about The Wee Wonders?


The Wee Wonders is a type of Membership at The Whitecraigs Golf Club - the cost is £70 for the year which grants access round our Par 3 course, along with ​10 weeks of complimentary golf coaching.   The age range for Wee Wonders is from 5 to 11 years.The group coaching starts on ​SATURDAY 27TH APRIL ​and runs up until ​SATURDAY 6TH JULY​ with a choice of three classes:

12.00pm - 1.00pm

1.00pm - 2.00pm

2.00pm - 3.00pm

I will be hosting the classes and have a group of fantastic member volunteers who will be assisting with the coaching, as well as my Assistant, Fraser Scott - we have loads of fun games, technique advice and skills planned for the summer ahead!  What can you expect - well in one word, F U N !!

F for FUNDAMENTALS - how to hold a club, how to stand, how to aim properly!!

U for UNDERSTANDING - where to put your ball, where your target is, how to be safe!!

N for NO LIMITS - this is a GREAT game for us all to learn - especially kids!!

​The Par 3 course is a fantastic platform for anyone to learn golf - especially kids!!  The layout is great and the holes are short but tricky enough so if any parents want to accompany their kids, you are most welcome (subject to a small green fee). 

NOW'S THE TIME TO INTRODUCE GOLF TO YOUR CHILDREN'S LIVES .... fun, outdoors, fresh air, learning a new sport - what's not to like!!  In golf we also learn about respect, rules, etiquette and MUCH MORE!!

I'm hugely supportive of the development of junior golf and really look forward to welcoming ALL our WEE WONDERS to Whitecraigs this year!

We have membership forms in the Pro Shop - please don't hesitate to pop in to chat to us if you'd like more information!!

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