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Keep Calm & Keep Focussed for 2021


The title of this blog is certainly easier to type than it is to put into action BUT we need to at least try.

Plenty of us will be wondering how we get through this next stage; do we do less or more? To be honest, my initial reaction was to slump, I felt a bit low and wondered if the light was ever going to get any brighter in the tunnel we're all in. I gave myself a bit of a kick and realised how important it is to STAY FOCUSSED and STAY IN THE PRESENT. I'm genuinely trying hard not to think too far ahead and instead, I'm staying in the present moment - the here and now.

We will get back to normal one day, restrictions will ease and if I fast forwarded myself to that day, I asked myself how that would look? Did I want to spend this lockdown inactive, absent from practise, becoming rusty with my game? What would this look like to me when lockdown ends - not great! I want to come out the blocks, feel better, get fitter, make time for my game because let's face it, that's something we all have in abundance right now - TIME. What steps have I taken this year so far? Here goes:

  1. I'm mid way through Dry January! Yes, that's right, DRY JANUARY! Believe me, I've questioned this decision many times so far this month but am glad to report, Rona and I are sticking with it, feeling brighter, more focussed and energetic (most of the time!).
  2. I'm working out at home a lot more than what I did before; having a spin bike in the house is very convenient and am finding it increasingly difficult to come up with excuses not to do it.
  3. I'm heading to the driving range more often - taking my sons with me to hit balls and start to focus on what the golfing season may look like for us.
  4. I'm making various plans for the year ahead in business which gives me great excitement - let's just hope these plans can actually take off this year.

These are just some of the actions I'm taking so far this year - what about you? What plans have you put in place to keep active and healthy?

If you're keen to stay active, keep the focus and make time for your golf and fitness right now, please read about my subscription based training which I've put together alongside local PT, Gordon Hill of Impact Fitness. Together, we've come up with some short, snappy videos which you can easily download to a tablet or device, take us with you to the driving range (one of the few things we can still do right now!) and GET TO WORK!

I'd encourage you to do what I did - press the fast forward button and put yourself at the beginning of the golfing season and picture what it would look like if you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? Then picture what it would look like if you KEPT THE FOCUS? I bet the two would look completely different!

The subscription is £50 for 5 coaching & fitness videos and you can sign up below - there is no expiry on these sessions, you'll have them forever for all the family too! These will be emailed to you via a secure login towards the end of w/c 18th January once the final edits have been done. Here is a sample of what lies ahead in the sessions:

Session 1 – TIME & HOW TO USE IT WISELY: Get the most out your game and know your limitations and how YOU can improve. Fitness we have a selection of golf specific mobility exercises for all ages.

Session 2 – HOW TO HIT MORE GREENS: Learn how to improve from 100 yards; improve set-up, swing shape, trajectory and course management. Fitness we have a selection of golf specific strength exercises - no equipment required.

Session 3 – DRIVE THE BALL FURTHER, REGARDLESS OF AGE, H'CAP/ABILITY: Benefits of Technology, Strength, Technique and Impact Position. Fitness - why is movement so important?

Session 4 – SKILLS FOR GOOD COURSE MANAGEMENT: Learn how to form a game plan that's right for YOU. What does this involve? Fitness a selection of stretching exercises to maintain flexibility.

Session 5 - SAVE SHOTS WITH A BETTER SHORT GAME: This part of the game is practised the least but will save you the most shots! Fitness & Nutrition we offer tips for general health & wellness.

We'll finish the course with a Live Zoom Q&A which will be scheduled in advance - date to be confirmed and will likely take place one evening towards the end of February. 

If you're interested please visit: David Orr Golf - Lockdown 21

Thanks and hope everyone continues to stay safe!

Best wishes for the New Year ahead to everyone.


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