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What goes on in our heads .... on the golf course?

​Very interested to hear Lee Westwood's comments from The Omega Dubai Desert Classic last week after opening with a 67 (7 birdies and 2 bogeys) last Thursday: "The consequences of the way I play don't bother me anymore. I'm purely about what I'm working on and going out there and trying to do that over every shot.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still trying my hardest but I don't care where the ball goes, I don't care what I shoot".

He's come into some form over recent months namely winning the Nedbank Golf Challenge back in November - a real turn round of play given he hit a low period for some time!  

I see that as a sign of maturity from Lee - we could all do with adopting more of that attitude.  His mind is obviously more free over every shot and whilst he's not focussing on the outcome, his focus is very much on his swing and what he's trying to achieve.  If he does that and commits to that approach, the results will no doubt speak for themselves.  

We ALL get caught up and frustrated and I think it's very refreshing to hear a player of his calibre speaking so opening and honestly.  Yes, we get caught up in the mechanics of golf and if you can free your mind of certain swing thoughts then all the better.  The pre-shot routine is something I talk about a lot during my lessons - it's important to establish a good routine, commit to it and then once you've hit the shot - move on!  What's your pre-shot routine?

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What's in My Bag This Year?


So, after my blog this morning on new equipment, I thought I'd share with you the thoughts I have on what's going into my bag this year!   As I'm focussed this year on playing a bit more competitive golf, it's time for an upgrade .... so that I can benefit from the technology changes in clubs too!

Over the last four years, I've been playing with M2 10.5 degree driver and M2 16.5 degree high launch 3 wood and Titleist H1 22 degree hybrid.  

In 2019, I'll be using the TAYLORMADE M6 10.5 degrees and high launch 3 Wood alongside a 21/22 degree Hybrid.  My TITLEIST irons (AP3, 4-7 iron and AP2 8-wedge) will remain the same as will my 3 TITLEIST Vokey wedges (50, 54 and 58 degrees).  I absolutely love my wedges and won't be changing them .... the control and spin you get from them are second to none! 

Here's to a good season ahead!!  Happy Golfing folks :)

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We're welcoming the new year .... and NEW PRODUCTS!!

blog-2019-imag_20190115-104123_1 Thinking about what's in your bag?

Welcome to the first blog of 2019!!

Today I'm blogging about NEW PRODUCTS!!! Yes, brand new product launches from TAYLORMADE, PING, CALLAWAY AND TITLEIST!  A very exciting time in golf and what's more exciting is that we have them all right here at The Whitecraigs Golf Club!! If you're a member here, you can simply pop into the shop, select a demo, select a shaft option and take it out on the course to try!  If you're not a member here and are coached by me, you can simply book in for a half hour lesson and you can try all the equipment you like.  We do this on the worlds leading TRACKMAN 4 Radar Technology giving us all the stats we need to get the right club for you. 

If you're reading this thinking that it's time to upgrade your irons or woods and want to try new product, then come in and see us and ask our advice. 

TITLEIST ..... with a new line of  718 irons replacing the popular 716 series, will feature 6 models, AP1, AP2, AP3, T-MB, CB and MB – all precisely engineered to meet the performance requirements of players at EVERY level in golf.  Their success speak for themselves with the amazing results on tour by Justin Thomas who WON the USPGA Championship with the 718 MB irons; Jordan Spieth's famous recovery shot on 13th taking him on to WIN the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale using a 718 T-MB 3-iron!!

PING ...... the new G410 Driver and Fairway woods due in at the end of February/beginning of March.  Fantastic addition to the range and set to be a strong performer for the year ahead.

TAYLORMADE ..... There is a huge amount of noise and buzz surrounding the revolutionary new M5/M6 products - golfers all around the world have been hearing and seeing the Taylormade story on injected Twist Face and SpeedBridge - click on this link to check it out!

CALLAWAY ....... they have unveiled the new EIPIC FLASH and EPIC FLASH SUB ZERO drivers and fairway woods - set to replace the Great Big Bertha come February 1st!!  Not for us - they are in store NOW for you to come and try!!  Their headline technology on the drivers is new Flash Face said to help ALL golfers get more ball speed and distance!!

Yes there's new equipment on the market, yes it's all HOT product BUT is it the right product for you?  Say you pop into our Pro Shop and pick up a driver to try; after various shots you might start to scratch your head!  What's going on?  It can't be the club as it's on the Hot List, it must be my swing!  So you start to analyse things further, head to the range to hit balls!  There are MANY factors which can influence this:

Club Face Angle ​knowing the face angles of your clubs will be very helpful in understanding their tendencies.

Club Length ​fitting for proper length is the most BASIC element of club fitting and this should never be overlooked!

Lie Angle ​same as length can impact posture as well as the direction of your shots

Shaft Flex, Weight, and Torque ​important factors which can't be seen but definitely have an impact - mainly inconsistency.  There's always rule of thumb with shafts but these rules are broken so often that there's little point - it's simple, if you don't like your shafts, we can work with you to change.

Part of my job is to advise and help all the golfers I come across - whether they are passing by, coming for a lesson, a friend or a member.  I'm not interested in selling a set of clubs to you unless they're the right clubs.  I love golf just as much as you and know what it feels like to be hitting wayward shots so I'm just as passionate about helping you in your own game and new equipment choice, as I am mine!

I can't emphasise the importance of custom fitting enough!  Come and see us ANY TIME!!  All are welcome!

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