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There are no daft questions in golf ......

​My wife, Rona, has been learning to play golf very much on and off now for a few years but this year, she's decided it's 'game-on' and with that, comes a range of questions.  In particular, her questions relate to clubs and why we hit different ones from different parts of the course - mainly wedges. 

If you're learning to play then the chances are you'll hit the same clubs most of the time on each hole.  It's not until you have a handicap or are out playing on the course on a regular basis that you start to see the advantages (and disadvantages) to hitting different clubs.  For example, Rona will hit her 6 iron on most fairways - whether that's on a par 4 or 5 - because that's her go-to club.  She hits it well but with practice, could hit other clubs further which will, in turn, reduce her scores per hole.  Like many other beginners, at times, she struggles to hit woods/hybrid off the fairway - these shots will improve with PRACTICE AND PATIENCE.  My advice to her and to others is keep practising these shots - don't revert back to your irons as the shots will come in time.

So - there are no daft questions in golf - every player I know learns something new about golf every year!  Rona was intrigued to know why all the wedges in the shop have different degree of loft.  This sparked the question, when and why would you hit a 58° ​and not a 60° ​wedge.  This got me thinking that maybe other players will not know the answer!!  Hence my blog ...... here goes:

Most of us will have a Pitching and Sand Wedge in our bags BUT not every player will have the RIGHT wedges for your game.  What kind of wedges should you have in your bag?  The best answer I can give you is what's right for your own game.  Some players can't hit certain wedges and some favour different types of shots over others.  That's the beauty of being custom fit.  A lot also depends on where your ball is on each hole - if you're short off the tee, then you need a long iron to get to the green which can, at times, put you in trouble OR if you're longer off the tee and need a good wedge to hit from 100 yards and in - it will change again.  Even though we all play golf, we all play different games of golf and we all should get the most out of our clubs!!

What is important to me, as a Coach, is that you continue to ask the questions you're not sure of and if you're interested to be custom fit, the main objective would be to fill the gap CORRECTLY in your bag after the Pitching Wedge - and for all woods/hybrids too!

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Wedge Wednesday

Over time, every golfer will encounter a variety of conditions with their wedges which ultimately leads to groove degradation which compromises spin control and flight.  We should all evaluate our wedges, roughly, after 75 rounds of golf - this will ensure that we get the best spin performance and carry distance.

All wedges are the most important clubs in your bag with the short game accounting for more than 50% of your shots!  If you improve your short game, you'll improve your scores - no magic science involved!

I'll be hosting a 'Wedge Wednesday Clinic' for people who are interested in changing their wedges - during your 20 minute appointment, I'll be advising you on gapping yardages and will make recommendations based around your own individual game IF there are any gains to changing clubs.   All data output comes from TRACKMAN 4! 

It's a great opportunity to get some advice on yardages and to try THE NO. 1 WEDGES on Tour.

Appointments can be booked from 11.30am until 2.30pm on ​WEDNESDAY 27TH MARCH ​at The Whitecraigs Golf Club! 

Places can be booked by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us on 0141.639.2140

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What goes on in our heads .... on the golf course?

​Very interested to hear Lee Westwood's comments from The Omega Dubai Desert Classic last week after opening with a 67 (7 birdies and 2 bogeys) last Thursday: "The consequences of the way I play don't bother me anymore. I'm purely about what I'm working on and going out there and trying to do that over every shot.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still trying my hardest but I don't care where the ball goes, I don't care what I shoot".

He's come into some form over recent months namely winning the Nedbank Golf Challenge back in November - a real turn round of play given he hit a low period for some time!  

I see that as a sign of maturity from Lee - we could all do with adopting more of that attitude.  His mind is obviously more free over every shot and whilst he's not focussing on the outcome, his focus is very much on his swing and what he's trying to achieve.  If he does that and commits to that approach, the results will no doubt speak for themselves.  

We ALL get caught up and frustrated and I think it's very refreshing to hear a player of his calibre speaking so opening and honestly.  Yes, we get caught up in the mechanics of golf and if you can free your mind of certain swing thoughts then all the better.  The pre-shot routine is something I talk about a lot during my lessons - it's important to establish a good routine, commit to it and then once you've hit the shot - move on!  What's your pre-shot routine?

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