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The TGI Annual Conference and Awards

I've been the Head Pro here at Eastwood Golf Club since March 2015 and can honestly say that I love my job - well it's made easier for me as I love golf and golf is my business!

I've never been nominated for any award - yes, I've won golf tournaments before - but I have to say this is totally different. I was absolutely delighted to have got the call from Paul at TGI back in December to say that, alongside another 3 Pro's, I had been nominated for 'The Most Improved Business of 2017' Award. I was surprised to say the least and humbled - more so on Tuesday night when my name was called out on winning!

I have reflected quite a bit over these last few years on the changing trends in golf, especially private members clubs. At Eastwood, we are without doubt, moving with the times - with a high-tech indoor teaching studio, fully equipped for custom fitting and coaching and a full retail/repair service in the Pro Shop - it's all going on here! Membership is on the rise here and the people who play here enjoy it and make the most of their golf-work balance.

However, with the presence of the big stores such as American Golf, Golf Shop Online etc it becomes increasingly difficult for the Club Pro to compete with price-matching etc - but for me, I always try to do my best in terms of price. On the flip side of that, what you do get is PGA Professional service and advice - all the way. Anything from what type of grips you need/how many layers of tape, advice on shoes, waterproofs, golf bags - clubs, custom fitting right through to coaching - it's EXPERT advice and support. These big conglomerates don't offer you that.

When I was in St. Andrews on Tuesday night, I was in company of many PGA Pro's from around the UK and it was great (not to mention worthwhile) to catch up with these guys. What was obvious to me was the common focus in business between us all - customer service and value for money - that's the role of the PGA Pro in my opinion. Someone who is here for YOU, the golfer, to give you advice, offer you support - maybe at a time when your game has left you ..... not to mention all other aspects of golf.

So, to this end, I'd like to thank those who voted for me at TGI, all the members at Eastwood and all my coaching clients who support me in my golfing business. I will continue to strive to provide the best service to you!

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To buy a new putter or not - that is the question

​What is your selection method for buying a new putter? Is it brand name, head size/shape, you want to play with the same putter as your mate?

In my professional opinion, there is no secret method for selecting a new putter aside from trying out different ones - different brands, different shaft lengths and putter heads! It's only then, you can judge for yourself - it's a personal decision and an important one! It's the only club in your bag that you'll ALWAYS use!

Why would you invest the time to get fitted for a new Driver which you may use (at most) 15 times in a round, but neglect to be fitted for a putter? Typically, a putter is used between 20-50 times throughout a round (depending on how you're playing of course!).

The Scotty Cameron putters are very highly rated by a variety of Tour players, who appreciate the attention to detail of Scotty Cameron. We're hosting a FITTING WEEK here at our indoor teaching studio offering you the chance to try out the BRAND NEW RANGE OF Scotty Cameron Putters and the current range of the Futura putters. All you need to do is give us a call to book a time in the diary - we'll have all the putters here for you to be fitted properly - use our indoor Huxley Putting Green and see how they feel!

Precision is key on the greens! That's why a Scotty putter is WORTH EVERY PENNY.

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